A superglass is a state of matter which is characterized by superfluidity and a frozen amorphous structure at the same time.

Theory of the superglass phase

The research ( introduce a model of interacting bosons in three dimensions that displays this phase unambiguously and that can be analyzed exactly or using controlled approximations. Employing a mapping between quantum Hamiltonians and classical Fokker-Planck operators, we show that the ground-state wave function of the quantum model is proportional to the Boltzmann measure of classical hard spheres. This connection allows us to obtain quantitative results on static and dynamic quantum correlation functions. In particular, by translating known results on the glassy dynamics of Brownian hard spheres we work out the properties of the superglass phase and of the quantum phase transition between the superfluid and the superglass phase.

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Brian Toleman

Supersolid or superglass? Cornell researchers study a strange state of matter in helium [] >>> “We think that when this glass freezes, the superfluid begins to move, and such a state could be called a superglass.”

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