Dwarf honey bee

The dwarf honey bee (Apis Florea) has traditionally been confused with Apis Andreniformis, also of Asian origin. This is mainly due to their morphological similarities. However, these two species are commonly differentiated by one of their forelimbs which is noticeable longer in the case of Apis Florea. These species extend around 7,000 Km from the extreme East to Vietnam to southeast China. However, from 1985, its presence sprouted in Africa like due to global transport. Later some colonies were also observed in the Middle East.

Dark dwarf honey bee

The dark dwarf honey bee (Apis Andreniformis) inhabits South East Asia including China, Burma, India, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is one of the species of honey bees that has gone unnoticed for years because it was believed to be a subspecies of Apis Florea, something that various study has denied. They are darker species of their kind and create their colonies in small trees or shrubs. They do this in order to take advantage of the vegetation, going unnoticed. They usually build then near the ground at an average altitude of 2.5 m.

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