Fallacious reasoning

  • Fallacious reasoning

    Posted by Encyclios on May 2, 2023 at 2:25 PM

    Flawed reasoning in arguments is known as fallacious reasoning. Bad reasoning within arguments can be because it commits either a formal fallacy or an informal fallacy. A charge of fallacious reasoning always needs to be justified. The burden of proof is on your shoulders when you claim that someone’s reasoning is fallacious. Even if you do not explicitly give your reasons, it is your responsibility to be able to give them if challenged.

    Formal fallacies occur when there is a problem with the form, or structure, of the argument. The word “formal” refers to this link to the form of the argument. An argument that contains a formal fallacy will always be invalid.

    An informal fallacy is an error in reasoning that occurs due to a problem with the content, rather than mere structure, of the argument.

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