What is medical biotechnology?

  • What is medical biotechnology?

    Posted by Encyclios on April 25, 2023 at 7:34 AM

    Medical biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology dedicated to the discovery and development of active ingredients, the production of vaccines and the development of new techniques for the analysis and diagnosis of diseases and related gene and cell therapies.

    More specifically, they see the application of biochemistry, microbiology and genetic engineering for the production of goods and services in the medical-pharmaceutical field, for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

    In particular, in the diagnostic field – thanks to the progress of genetic engineering – biotechnologies have achieved important goals, contributing to an increasingly early and specific diagnosis, which has become of fundamental importance for any kind of pathology, but especially for complex diseases, chronic diseases and cancer, whose onset is not necessarily attributable to a single cause, but is due to the delicate combination of environmental and genetic factors.

    The application of biotechnology in diagnostics is therefore leading to the development of increasingly accurate and less invasive methods for the identification of a particular disease state, moving more and more towards predictive and personalized medicine. The objective is a more precise definition of the diagnosis, thus having the possibility to implement targeted medical treatments, ad hoc.

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