Allergic rhinitis

  • Allergic rhinitis

    Posted by Encyclios on May 3, 2023 at 12:50 PM

    Allergic rhinitis is a non-infectious inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa that may be seasonal, caused by pollen or mold, or perennial, caused by animal allergens such as dust mites. In Western countries it usually affects 6-10% of the population and manifests itself with sneezing, even 10-20 consecutive sneezes, burning sensation in the nose, watery rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction and sometimes itching of the soft palate, ear or conjunctiva. In 30% of cases, it is associated with other forms of allergic disease, such as pollinosis or urticaria. Pollinosis: A pollen allergy that causes attacks of sneezing, conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis, as well as allergic asthma. 50% of pollinosis is caused by grasses, 25-30% by parietaria, 7-10% by composites, 15% by other pollens or a combination of pollens.

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