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  • Encyclios

    May 17, 2023 at 3:55 PM

    Noise pollution

    Noise pollution is a particular form of pollution that affects mainly large cities, some industries and particular activities (e.g. airports). The study of its effects on humans and the environment is only beginning: the alarm raised by the acquisitions on the pathology of noise is very high. Investigations are in progress also on the ecological level, as intense noise sources act negatively on local fauna, not only inducing it to move away, but also causing physiological and, probably, genetic damages. Moreover, the frequency and intensity of diffused sounds seem to affect also the growth and development of plants and, probably, of microfauna, at least in those non-urbanized areas where industrial centers are installed, whose equipment is particularly noisy and so far lacking of effective sound insulation and anti-vibration devices.

    Therefore, large industries have shown considerable interest in new systems for absorbing and containing the noise produced by machines and plants; moreover, the use of automatisms and robots has allowed operators to move away from high noise areas (and, in general, from the points where the presence of factors harmful to health is greatest). The problem of noise pollution in cities is still almost completely unsolved: it is hoped to reduce it by building new metro lines (both subway and level, but on rubber wheels) and discouraging, in various ways, the use of private cars in the areas of greatest traffic. As for airports, new aircraft designs aim not only to reduce operating costs, but also to reduce noise levels at takeoff; moreover, the use of airports closer to densely populated areas is already prohibited for the noisiest aircraft.