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    Posted by Encyclios on April 25, 2023 at 7:31 AM

    Response time is the time required by a measuring instrument or system to settle to its final steady position after the application of the input. For a step input function, the response time may be defined as the time taken by the instrument to settle to a specified percentage of the quantity being measured, after the application of the input. This percentage maybe 90% to 99% depending upon the instrument.

    Response time is a factor in many different computing technologies, including disk I/O, database queries, memory handling and loading web pages. Monitor response time measures how quickly pixels change from black to white or to a different shade of grey. In a general context, the response time, is the time period between a terminal operator’s completion of an inquiry and the receipt of a response. Response time deals with the total time between a request for service and the fulfillment of that request. Response time includes the time taken to transmit the inquiry, process it by the computer, and transmit the response back to the terminal. Response time is frequently used as a measure of the performance of an interactive system.

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