Reply To: Origin of natural hydrocarbons

  • Encyclios

    May 2, 2023 at 2:40 PM

    Theory of inorganic origin

    Based on the fact that some hydrocarbons were synthesized from inorganic substances, the theory of inorganic origin was abandoned and then resumed (1979) assuming the presence within the earth’s crust at considerable depth of hydrocarbons, which would subsequently have migrated upward. This migration would have led them to the surface or to remain trapped within the surface sedimentary rocks.

    The presence of these hydrocarbons dates back to the beginning of the Earth, when there had to be in considerable quantities: to support this hypothesis, the supporters of the theory adduce the presence of complex hydrocarbons in some meteorites, while the presence of organic substances within the hydrocarbons would be explained as a result of contamination that they would have with sedimentary rocks containing organic matter.