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  • Allyl polymer

    Posted by Encyclios on April 2, 2023 at 3:49 PM

    The basic unit characteristic of allyl polymers comes from the breaking of the double bond of the unsaturated allyl group according to the polymerization pattern:

    nCH2=CH-CH2-R → (-CH2-CH-CH2R)n

    Although allyl polymers can be included in the broader class of vinyl polymers, it must be remembered that in this case the polymerization stops at a much lower degree than that reached in other vinyl polymers: also the relative reaction mechanism is different so that a polymer with a cross-linked structure is obtained, of considerable importance in applications because it is definitely thermosetting with excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

    In addition, in this type of reaction it is possible to stop the process at the desired degree of polymerization, preserving in the mass of the polymer a considerable residue of double bonds that in a second time can give rise to further polymerization. It is thus possible to shape objects that are then defined by a normal thermal polymerization process; this application is also made possible by the fact that the volume change of the process occurs mostly in the initial polymerization.

    The most important characteristic of allyl polymers is their resistance to high temperatures, above 260 °C, which allows their application as a protective and heat resistant fabric.

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