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    April 25, 2023 at 8:26 AM


    Le Fauconnier gave life to the school of Bergen, with Sluyters, Leo Gestel and Charley Toorop; but they approached, in a short time, the positions of the German Neue Sachlichkeit.

    In 1918, in Groningen, H. N. Werkman and Jan Wiegers founded the group De Ploeg (The Plow).

    Werkman chose a very bare, almost abstract figuration, Wiegers, linked to Kirchner, moved towards an expressionism close to that of Die Brücke (Landscape with Red Trees: Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum).

    Herman Kruyder, another important exponent of Dutch Expressionism, gravitated towards the Flemish area like De Smet and Van den Berghe.

    A little later Hendrik Chabot treated, in a harsh style, subjects close to those of Permeke (The Ortolan, 1935: Stedelijk Museum).