Satiresque drama

  • Satiresque drama

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    One of the three great genres of classical Greek theater, it has the characteristics of both tragedy and comedy, and yet took on a specific character for the grotesque dynamics of tragic themes. In the satirical drama, the old Silenus leads the chorus of satyrs (creatures with animalistic details), obscene, crapulous, gay, whose action is the counterpoint to the intervention of the protagonist: Odysseus, against the legendary Cyclops, in the satire drama of the same name by Euripides, the only text that has come down to us in its entirety, or the traditional heroes of Greek tragedy, represented in grotesque dimensions, where the comic and the tragic merge in a popular speech, foul-mouthed and crude, rich divis comic. To the kind that had in Pratina (sec. VI and V. a. C.) its perfectioner, they devoted themselves also Eschilo and Sofocle with works of which we remain fragments.

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