Place, free space in which a person or a thing can stand: the table occupies the central place in the room; to make room for someone or something, to move or displace objects so that one can pass, enter, sit; to take place, to settle in a certain place.

Place chosen, fixed, assigned to a person or thing: the children’s place; this is not my place; driving place, observation place; maneuvering or blocking place, the same as maneuvering or blocking cabin; place of honor, that reserved for the most important persons; parking place, in modern dwellings, space, covered or uncovered, for parking a car, reserved for a tenant. To be in one’s place, of a thing that is well where it is placed; of a person whose aptitudes are perfectly suited to the office entrusted to him; to be in one’s place, to be in order; in person, to be clean, neat; to have achieved what one wanted, with antiphrastic value, to be settled for the holidays; a proper guy, serious, posed, honest; to set up, to tidy up; to find a good arrangement; to tidy up, to tidy up; to repair, to put back in working order: I had to have the roof put in place; put things in order, arrange them; to settle a matter in the way desired; to set someone straight, find him employment, accommodation; in another sense, to call him vigorously to duty; to tell him or give him what he deserves; to have one’s head in order, to be or become serious, wise, balanced. Specifically, position occupied in a series, in a ranking, in a row, and the like: our team placed first; in place of, instead: I came in my brother’s place; he will come in my place, in my stead; in my (your, his) place, in the situation, in my (your, his) position. In military parlance, the place assigned to a soldier or formation with specific duties: defending, abandoning one’s own post; combat post; sentry post, a place where sentries are assembled to alternate on guard duty; the compound of the sentries themselves; barrage post, an active element deployed along a forced passage with a predominantly counterattack function; dressing post, with the task of providing first aid to the wounded, and also wound collection post, wound sorting and clearing post; distribution post (food, ammunition, fuel and lubricants) for supplying operational units.

Place in general, locality, country, location: a nice place; a quiet place. In places: at the place, in the place spoken of, where something happened, where you have to go: I was not in the place; to buy a product in the place, in the place of production; the people of the place, who were born, who live in the given country. In the figurative sense, to have a place in the sun; of a nation, to have colonies to conquer; of a person, to have real estate, to achieve a good economic-social position or one that otherwise allows one to live decently; that place, euphemistically, the toilet or the butt: I have to go to that place; he kicked him in that place.

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