Parity (odd and even numbers)

An odd number is an integer that is not divisible by 2 (without remainder). Odd numbers are: \(\pm 1, \pm 3, \pm 5, \pm 7, \pm 9, \pm 11, …\)

An integer that is not odd is called even number. An even number is an integer divisible (without remainder) by 2. Even numbers are: \(0, \pm 2, \pm 4, \pm 6, \pm 8, \pm 10, …\)

An integer \(k\) is even if and only if the last digit of \(k\) is even. For example, 2139856 is even, while 2146903 is not even (but odd). An integer not divisible by 2 (i.e. leaving remainder 1) is called an odd number.

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