Normal Temperature and Pressure (NTP)

Normal Temperature and Pressure (NTP) is introduced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); it is commonly used as a standard condition for testing and documentation of fan capacities. Normal temperature as per NTP is 20 °C (293.15 K, 68 °F; this temperature is a more realistic and convenient condition in the world compared to 0 ℃ which is the standard temperature of STP) and 1 atm (101.325 kN/m2, 101.325 kPa, 14.7 psia, 0 psig, 29.92 in Hg, 407 in H2O, 760 torr). Density 1.204 kg/m3 (0.075 pounds per cubic foot). At these conditions, the volume of 1 mol of a gas is 24.0548 liters.

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