Dehumidification is the process of removing humidity from a system. The dehumidification of aeriformes can be done purely physically or physicochemically. The dehumidification by physical means is obtained by subjecting the aeriform to cooling until it reaches saturation, after which further cooling causes the condensation of water and other vapors that may be present. A subsequent heating brings the aeriform to the initial temperature, but with a relative humidity lower than the initial one.

In practice, the treatment is done through dehumidifiers of the type coil heat exchanger or tube, within which circulates a brine that in turn disposes of the heat removed in a special refrigeration system. The dehumidification by physical-chemical way is obtained by passing the air in dehumidifiers consisting of filters with absorbent or hygroscopic filling, which retain the water present. In this case it is necessary to regenerate the filters by drying the filling substances with air or other dry medium.

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