A scientist working in the field of acoustics is an acoustician. The application of acoustics to technology is called acoustical engineering. There is often a great deal of overlap and interaction between the interests of acousticians and acoustical engineers. There are many different types of acousticians. Here are a few examples:

  • An acoustical engineer may design transducers such as microphones, earphones, and loudspeakers.
  • A bio-acoustician might study bird populations to determine if human-made noise is changing their behavior.
  • An audiologist can diagnose hearing loss.
  • A hearing scientist can conduct research on hearing loss prevention.
  • An architectural acoustician might design an opera house so that people in the audience can enjoy the music to the fullest.
  • An acoustical engineer might work to reduce noise from airplanes, cars, and trains.
  • An underwater acoustician might design sophisticated sonar hardware to explore the ocean floor.
  • A biomedical acoustician might develop medical devices to destroy kidney stones.
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